Limited Edition PRIDE YS Park 336 Basic Cutting Comb

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size: 3.00 W × 19.00 H × 0.50 L
Availability: Expected Release 12th September

Australia, welcome the PRIDE comb. We are proud to have pride. 



The YS Park PRIDE Comb is perfect for all lengths of hair, it's size makes it an obvious choice for short to medium hair, but with the extra long teeth it can control long hair very well.

LIMITED EDITION: 500 available Australia Wide


  • Shortened first tooth for separating hair easily and quickly.
  • 2 different teeth spacing - fine and regular
  • Built in measuring system through the holes - spaced 1cm apart
  • Features an unique grip handle to enhance natural grip whilst using the comb
  • Length: 189mm 


  • It may be broken easily and print may come off if scissors directly touch the comb
  • It cannot be used with colour or perm liquid as it is not chemical resistant
  • It cannot be used with hair irons as this is heat resistant up to 120

10% of all profits from the Y.S.Park PRIDE Comb will be donated to the Pride Foundation.



*** Upon purchasing of this product, the buyer accepts the comb is fragile and cannot be used as normal Y.S. Park combs. Professional Use PTY LTD will not replace any broken, damaged, or melted combs. Please treat this comb delicately ***

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