YS 320 Cutting Guide Comb - Short

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size: 4.00 W × 20.00 H × 1.00 L
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The YS Park 320 Cutting Guide Comb - Short is a great choice for those who want absolute precision. Every detail on this comb makes your life easier to get that perfect and precise haircut, from the 1cm spaced holes along the spine to the indent of the comb base.


  • Unique design which has indent in the comb to match the curvature of the scalp to identify the true 90° of the scalp when cutting.
  • Shortened first tooth for separating hair easily and quickly.
  • Round teeth to mimic human fingers which minimises damage and keeps even tension at all angles.
  • 2 different teeth spacing - fine and regular.
  • Made from imido plastic, which is up to 220°C heat resistant, chemical resistant and has a strong yet flexible body.
  • Built in measuring system through the holes - spaced 1cm apart.
  • Length: 200mm

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